A Screening of “The Law in These Parts”

2014-05-07 19.07.51

On May 7 CAPI, in cooperation with the Argentinian Embassy in Ramallah, and Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Center, organized a screening of the documentary film “The Law in These Parts” for foreign diplomats and activists in East Jerusalem. After the screening, we held a panel with the participation of Yasmine Sherif- Founder of the UNDP Program on Rule of Law in Conflict Countries, and Adv. Emily Shaeffer,  Coordinator of Yesh Din Project Ra’anan Alexandrowicz’s “The Law In These Parts” is an internationally awarded film that explores the little-known story of the rule of law in the occupied territories through testimonies of the military legal professionals who were the architects of the system and helped run it in its formative years. The film attempts to ask some crucial questions that are often skirted or avoided: Can such an occupation be achieved within a legal framework that includes genuine adherence to the principles of rule-of-law? Should it? What are the costs that a society engaged in such a long term exercise must bear? And what are the implications of the very effort to make a documentary film about such a system?

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