CAPI Calls for an Immediate Cease of Fire

CAPI adheres to the calls by human rights movements, in Israel and internationally, for an immediate cease of fire in and from the Gaza strip. CAPI firmly condemns  the disproportionate Israeli response against the missiles launched by the Hammas and especially the harm of innocent civilians and the bombing of hospitals and other civilian infrastructures.

CAPI condemns also the expressions of hatred, racism and xenophobia that we have witnessed  during the last weeks in Israel against Arab citizens and left-wing activists. We call on the Israeli government to deal decisively with these eruptions of right-wing racism and to end all incitement to violence.

CAPI calls the international community to adopt urgent steps to end the bombing of Gaza, to allow the immediate access of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population there, and especially medical supplies to the hospitals, and to create a fund for the reconstruction of the thousands of houses destroyed during the bombings.


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