Former British PM Martin Linton about CAPI

I am a former Member of the British Parliament who now runs two organisations – one which organises fact-finding tours for British political parties so that their members can see the situation for themselves and make up their own minds, the other which lobbies Members of Parliament about peace, human rights and justice for the Palestinians.

After organising 14 delegations in the last three years, bringing more than 150 councillors, MPs and other party members to Jerusalem and the West Bank, we strongly support the work that Dr Margalit is doing and believe it is vital that his organisation should be able to continue and expand its work.

Our perspective is that the Israel-Palestine conflict, while it has created a terrible humanitarian problem both in the West Bank and Gaza, is entirely a political problem and the solution must involve making politicians more aware of the realities of the situation.

Of all the people we meet in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and we have access to the UN, NGOs, and political leaders on both sides, the one that always impresses and inspires our visitors the most is Dr Margalit.

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