House Demolitions in Jerusalem- 2000-2010

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Between 1992, when the municipality of Jerusalem first started using digital documentation, and the end of 2010, at least 1,250 structures were demolished in East Jerusalem by the municipality, the Ministry of Interior and “self-demolitions,” a term which will be clarified further on.

For the most part, the demolitions were of houses that were inhabited, including multilevel structures, which included several housing units. In addition, buildings still under construction as well as warehouses, commercial structures, fences and 66 pirate gas stations were also demolished.

Not included in the statistics are such animal-holding structures as barns, pens and hen houses, which were removed with the use of a municipal bylaw allowing the removal of junk and moveable property from public space. This matter will be addressed at length.


We wrote that at least 1,250 structures have been demolished, understanding that there were almost certainly structures which were not included in the municipality’s statistics, and that it’s likely that not all self-demolitions were listed in the reports produced by the Ministry of Interior. This matter will be addressed as well.



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