August 4, 2014

If I had to summarize in one word all this bitter feeling of anguish that fills me in front of so much tragedy, I would choose the word – Enough! Enough! is a powerful word. When uttered with

The Sacrifice Trap

July 28, 2014

Until when will this useless strife continue? Kenneth Boulding, English economist and philosopher, coined a concept called-”the sacrifice trap” which explains, in a way, the current Israeli

CAPI Calls for an Immediate Cease of Fire

July 28, 2014

CAPI adheres to the calls by human rights movements, in Israel and internationally, for an immediate cease of fire in and from the Gaza strip. CAPI firmly condemns  the disproportionate Israeli

Unified Jerusalem? Think Again

July 13, 2014

Anyone who needed additional proof that the “united city” project has failed, and that Jerusalem is now more divided than ever, has received it during this week’s dose of violence.

Former British PM Martin Linton about CAPI

May 23, 2014

I am a former Member of the British Parliament who now runs two organisations – one which organises fact-finding tours for British political parties so that their members can see the situation for

A Screening of “The Law in These Parts”

May 19, 2014

On May 7 CAPI, in cooperation with the Argentinian Embassy in Ramallah, and Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Center, organized a screening of the documentary film “The Law in These
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