What do we do?


CAPI specializes in supporting the protection of human rights in the city of Jerusalem, with a particular focus on the policies implemented by Israeli authorities in East Jerusalem. Our activities are classified into four closely intertwined strategic directions:

The first area of work is direct support to population in risk. This is done through providing legal assistance to Palestinian threatened by demolition orders or those whose homes have already been demolished. CAPI’s legal department supports these victims of human rights abuse at all levels of the judiciary – local, regional, appeals and even the High Court. We also provide representation at Planning Committees when it is possible for the families to obtain the appropriate licenses for their homes or when it is necessary to intervene (and sometimes even fight) for retroactive license or to negotiate favorable terms for the family.

In the near future we are planning to expand this area to provide also different kinds of counseling for families and individuals, on the Palestinian side, who face the overwhelming pressure of coping with the reality of living under occupation and for those coping with socio-economic hardships of living in one of the poorest cities in the country (on both sides of the city).

Our second strategic direction is advocacy. Both at the level of the Board of Directors and at the level of our staff, CAPI enjoys the knowledge and expertise of highly qualified (and well connected) activists. We employ these capabilities at the service of those who cannot or don’t know how to protect their rights in front of the different authorities – at municipal and state level alike. Also, CAPI conducts an open dialogue with several members of the diplomatic community, providing them with our unique perspective and understanding of current events and political trends.

The third area of work is focused on policy analysis and raising awareness to the realities on the ground and to the potential changes that can be made to improve this reality. We do so especially through our printed and electronic publications. During the last years CAPI has created a long list of articles, newsletters and policy papers that provide supporters and the general public alike with reliable information and analysis. We also created two websites, one in which all the material and activities of our organization can be found (www.capi.org.il), and a second one dedicated to present information about the different manners in which Israel is attempting to deepen its control over the Palestinian sectors of the city (www.eastjerusalemcontrol.com). CAPI also organizes tours in Jerusalem to show the reality on the ground to diplomats, journalists, students, academic scholars and international activists.

Last but not least, CAPI conducts a vibrant capacity-building department dedicated to organize trainings, workshops and academic courses for our varied partners and target groups – activists, diplomats, NGO leaders and also open to the population in need. These activities are implemented in a completely participatory manner and are focused on the needs and expectations of the participants. The thematics range from specific areas of interest like urban planning or legal assistance (providing tools to understand and to engage with issues like house demolition, legislation, procedures, jurisprudence analysis and monitoring of cases of house demolition) to conflict transformation, advocacy and human rights in a broader perspective.

It is important to stress that CAPI strongly believes in cooperation and has taken part in initiatives of other organizations, such as the demonstrations against the intrusive road no. 4 in Sheikh Jarrah, and in many other occasions.