Who are we?

The governing body of CAPI is composed of:

  •      Dr. Meir Margalit, former Council Member of the City of Jerusalem’s Municipal Council and coordinator of ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against Housing
  •      Mossi Raz, former Knesset Member from the Meretz party, head of the Israeli branch of the “Peace NGO Forum” and co-director of the Israeli and Palestinian radio station “The Voice of Peace”.
  •      Professor Paul Mendes-Flohr, Professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the University of Chicago.
  •      Professor Shalom Ratzabi, Professor of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University and renowned Israeli poet.
  •      Meir Ben-Chaim, former head of the board of the community center in Kiriat Menahem
  •      Sahar Vardi, prominent activist and leader of the “Refusnik” movement
  •      Claude Rozenkovich, a well known architect
  •      Yosi Bar Magen, expert on fundraising and PR
  •      Ruty Raz, Psychoanalyst and well known activist on peace movements

CAPI’s new Executive Director is Mario Schejtman (founder and director of several NGOs: the Israeli Center for Social Justice, Ecowave, Challenge and others).

CAPI is a member of the “Israeli-Palestinian Peace NGO Forum” and cooperates with many local and international organizations such as: Al Maqdese for Society Development (Palestine), Al Quds University (Palestine), the Center for Democracy and Community Development (Palestine), Instituto Catalan de Derechos Humanos (Spain), International Peace and Cooperation Center (IPCC-Palestine), Ponte de Pace (Italy), Radio All for Peace (Israel-Palestine), Vento de Terra (Italy), Pressenza – Interational Press Agency, and others.

We would like to thank our generous donors who support our important work: API, Asamblea Cooperacion Por la Paz (ACPP-Spain), Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona (Spain), Colegio de Abogados de Malaga (Spain), Dan Church Aid (Denmark), Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Germany), Vivian Ostrowsky, UNDP, UN-Habitat, and several other individual contributors.


Mossi Raz,  Meir Margalit , David Grossman,  during a manifestarion in Sheih Jarah.


Prof. Paul Mendes Flor, Prof.  Shalom Razabi, Dr. Meir Margalit  during a tour in East Jerusalem.


Sahar Vardi and a graphite against her in front of her house.

2014-05-09 11.29.38

Mario Schejtman-CAPI  Executive Director